Stop Worrying About finding a Talent Agency

Many aspiring actors assume that you need an Agent to get started.

Always trying to find a good “TALENT AGENT or Manager” is the worst mistake you can do as an aspiring actor.

This is where many aspiring actors totally get it wrong!

You will go into the industry blindly and the SHARKS will be out there looking at you like Fresh Meat.

This is when you can get easily SCAMMED!   Avoid the Scams and Rip Offs by educating yourself rightaway!

Getting into a career in the acting business is just like anything else.  You first research, get the training,  intern/volunteer, and finally move into that permanent job.

Say for example, you wanted to be an accountant.  You just don’t walk up to the hiring manager and say ” I want to be an accountant.”  The first thing they are going to ask is your resume and education.

Well the same goes for acting.  It’s not something you can simply just show up and say I want on a job.

There are literally thousands of people auditioning for ONE role.  You need to seriously get a full understanding of the business.

So first thing first is you need to find out where the actors are hanging out.  Then network with them and find out where to begin.

The very first thing you should do is find an Acting School in your area. A legit one, but you won’t know one until you network with actors and get a referral.

Trying using and find acting networking group in your town.

Another good tool is using Facebook Groups.

Ask for referrals on acting classes.  90% of them will allow you take 1 FREE class which is known in the industry as an “AUDIT”

If your from the Atlanta Area, then you can view the Atlanta Actors resource page that I put together

So before you waste another second trying to find the BEST talent agent, start by connecting with local actors in your area first.

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