4 Super Simple Steps to becoming an Expert

I joined the US Army in the year of 1993.  There were many life lessons I gained during my military career.  What really stuck with me is the importance of striving to become better at what I did.  Being a leader in the military is nothing like being a supervisor at a Best Buy store.  Not only were you responsible for the job but you was responsible for people’s lives.  Therefore it’s important that your soldiers can count on you.  You do not ever wanted to be in a position when your soldiers do not believe in you.  They will second guess your orders and cause huge problems.

What challenged me was that I was gaining rank among my peers.  These were the same peers that I went to basic training with. So it was difficult for them to believe in me when we all started at the same time.  This is what motivated me to become better, smarter, and faster to the point where they had to trust in me.

We can be our worse critics.  I learned this lesson a long time ago.  The people you see on TV or hear in Radio or read in books all had to start at one point. There is long waiting list of people looking for “Fresh Experts” all the time.

The other day I watched the new Will Smith’s movie Concussion. It’s based upon a true story of a Nigerian Doctor who had a passion for learning.  He had a laundry list of Master’s Degree and still was not satisfied with his work.  Always maintained a passion learning and finding new ways.

Well he stumbled upon a problem with retired NFL players mysteriously dying.  He concluded it was due to brain damage from all the years they was playing.  The doctors work eventually got noticed by the top brass at the NFL.  They quickly disclaimed him stating he was “Nobody Important”.  It was a slap in the face to a man that dedicated his life to medical science.

Eventually this didn’t stop him, he eventually kept on pushing until the NFL had no choice but to listen to him.

You see everyday their are people in this world that destined to make changes.  It’s never too late for you to start.

First of all you might ask why do you need to become an expert at anything.

  1. You will make more money
  2. Have a meaningful life
  3. People will think your cool (or a know it all)

Whatever your motivation is lets go ahead and get started with Step number 1.

STEP 1 — Importance of studying

Step 1 is probably the most important part of this lesson. Because this is where you actually start uploading high quality information into your brain. By Studying

In order to input the proper information where you have to remember you have to make room. Your brain is a powerful super computer. Yes it’s true that your brain is a very highly complex Dual processor CPU. Sure we can program a computer to fly to the moon, but heck it’s more impressive when a outfielder that can figure out exactly how to catch the baseball in the air.

Unfortunately many of you have a virus and have to many popups in your brain! You need to clean your brain with all that spam.

I learned this method from the Tim Ferriss 4 Hour Work Week book. How you declutter your brain is to do a complete Media fast for the next 30 days. No Television, Radio, or internet surfing for entertainment. You need to only pick your subject and only consume that information. This will leave room.

Dedicate at least 1 to 2 hours a day on your study.

Best to start early in the morning, like 4 or 5am. It’s when your brain is peaking, zero distractions for most of you

STEP 2 Find out who the leaders of the subject are.

Every area of study has there so called expert leaders. These are the people you need to follow both online and offline. Their also know as Tribal Leaders. A phrase I learned from Seth Godin’s book Tribes.

Good tool to find tribal leaders is to use Klout.com. Find the folks and read their Blogs, Articles, Facebook, and even twitter. Then make comments, always be in their face. Like it, comment, share it, retweet it. Be their biggest fan, know their history, their background. Keep a spreadsheet of every major article and what comments you posted

Be a freaking stalker, but in a loving way not creepy. 🙂

STEP 3 Create your Social Media Real Estate

Many of you already have social media accounts. Now it’s important that your bio profile is the same so people can find you. Use the same exact profile name and keep it consistent

1. Facebook, (Groups, Fan Page)
2. Google+ (Circles)
3. Linkedin (Groups, Answers)
4. Search forums (Subject + Forums)
5. Create your own blog (WordPress, Blogspot, or better yet your own Domain name)
6. Klout account
7. Twitter
8. Youtube

Now take the spreadsheet of what you gathered and start posting your own personal perspective and twist. Make sure you give credit to the “Expert” you followed if your posting about their subject. Share with them via their social media that you quoted them on your posting.

I learned this trick listening to Pat Flynn podcast episode with Neil Patel. He said you can get a 20% chance of retweet or share on the experts social media platform.

STEP 4 Write a book

Becoming a self publisher is so easy nowadays. People think you’re an “Automatic Expert”.

What you have to do is review all your study material and find out what the common problems are. Gather your materials and start putting together a logical order. A 150 to 200 page book is fine. Just keep in mind that an average you need about 300 words per page. It’s really easy if you already have your material on hand. Get someone to design your front cover. Upload your book toCreatespaces.com.

Then you have to promote your book on every platform you can find.

As you can see this is just a readers digest version of how to become an expert. I can teach a whole semester of college with this topic.

Now it’s your turn.. Post your comments or questions below and let me know what you think

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