headshotThomas Wooldridge has owned an internet marketing business since 1998.  He remembered making his first website using notepad and purchased his first domains for $70. All this was done on his $1000 Packard Bell Desktop computer. Blazing the internet with his super fast 56k speed modem.

Today he focuses on helping struggling internet marketers to achieve a success. Additionally he consults with local businesses around the community thru his website Relamark.com Atlanta Web Design and SEO.  He knew many of them had difficulties in navigating their offline business into the online world.  Therefore created very simple solutions to help with Social Media, SEO, Reputation Management, and Web Design Services.  You can view his full resume by visiting his Linkedin Profile


About Relamark

Relamark.com is a full service internet marketing company located in Atlanta, Georgia (GA). We specialize in all aspects of internet marketing from Web Design to Search Engine Optimization.

Some of the services offered are: Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile APP development, Online Reputation Management (ORM), and customer software development. If it uses the internet, then we have a solution for it.

Our Atlanta office address is::

1170 Peachtree st #1260
Atlanta, GA, 30309

You can reach Thomas on his various Social Media Profiles or you can contact him here

TEL: 678-636-9767

EMAIL: thomas AT relamark.com


Twitter: TWOOL9