Actors and Entertainers need to do this instead of worry about that

Actors and Entertainers need to understand not to fall for this trap.  They believe they need to always get confirmation from their industry peers.  Remember that Industry peers and colleagues are not really fans.  They are insiders also like civilians.  Everyday normal people do not know the ins and outs of the industry.

Many actors or entertainers always look for confirmation from their peers. What may look corny or insignificant is compared to people with in your industry circle. What matters is what people outside the industry feels about it.

For example you might been an extra for the TV Show The Walking Dead that was killed in an episode.  Your industry peers might just laugh at you and say that it wasn’t anything major.  But yet these are the same people selling $20 autographs to FANS of the Show.

Do it for the fans.  Check out the video for more info  “Rolling with TWOOL9


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