Actors Need Good Headshots

There is just no way around it.  You need to get Professional pictures.  The prices of these photos have a very wide range.  No two photographers are the same.  Getting high quality head shots and creating a portfolio can be very difficult to figure out.

These Photos become your calling card.  This is what gets you into the front door and the auditions you desperately need.

If you are really serious about becoming an actor, then you have to invest in some high quality head shot and portfolio.  Your portfolio should have many different looks and poses.  Your goal is to try to spark the casting directors interest.  They wanna envision how you would look on their magazine or film. The only way to achieve this is to various different photos to help them make their decision in your direction.

Let me explain what will happen if you goto an audition or seeking representation without professional photos.

Below is a scenario on how typical scammers do to pay them money.

There bunch of these open casting calls that merely nothing but “Cattle Calls”.  What they do is lure you into the auditions and tell you that they need a professional photos done.  So to achieve this, they just so happen to have a “Hollywood” photographer on set.  They will gladly take a photo for you for $500 dollars.

They’ll tell you this whole story about there clients like Old Navy, Gap, Ambercrombie, etc etc.  They know exactly what there clients are looking for, therefore they need to take the photographs to present to them.  This is suppose to help you get booked for $5000.

Not bad for a $500 investment to get $5000

Well let me tell you, if you come to this situation then you need to RUN!

Thats why it’s important that you spend the money to get professional photos.  Your photographer you choose should be in the acting or modeling industry.  Not just your average run of the mill family photographer.  This person should take professional head shots or lifestyle photos for a living.  They should have experience in commercial photography.

So that $15 coupon to get 100 photos at Walmart will not cut it.   You will need a Pro.

If your in the Atlanta Are you can view Atlanta Actors Resource Page for a list of Legit Photographers in Town.

Now if you outside of Atlanta Then you need to do what we previously spoken about networking.  Getting the right referral is everything and the most important.  Don’t get SCAMMED!

I have created a Video Training and talk extensively about Headshots for Child Actors on my Momager/Stage Parent Training

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