Basic SEO for Personal Branding and Marketing

thomas-wooldridge-basicseo-personalbrandingI have been doing Search engine optimization (SEO) for well over 20 years. My advice to clients is to not really dig to deep into it, unless you plan on becoming an SEO specialist.  Because if you speak with 10 different SEO experts than you are going to get 10 different answers.  Everyone has their theories and formulas.  All these had changed through the years because it’s a Cat and Mouse game.

You see Google wants to put out the most relevant links but at the same time Marketers try to manipulate it for their own personal benefits.  Most of the times the manipulation is not in Googles favor because it was not relevant to their “Customers”  Therefore Google from time to time has to change up their Algorithm to adjust.

That is why it’s a cat and mouse game.  But the basic fundamentals of SEO has not changed at all!

here is the basics

  • Onsite SEO – Title Tag Keyword Rich
  • Make Great Content (Stickiness Factor)
  • Back linking
  • Social Media Sharing

This has always remained constant through the years.  Doing this process manually without crazy expensive automation software will always win.

Check out my in depth video guide on SEO for personal Branding

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