51lNDaRoyzL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Authority Book.

We all have a goto person within our circle of friends.

Someone in our circle of friends might the Authority within Plumbing, Fixing Cars, or even fixing computers. There is always someone in the “know” we can count in.

This book teaches you how to profit from your knowledge by extending your Authority to people outside of your circle. Each chapter will explain how to build a foundation to brand you the expert.

Here is what I cover:

1. Why You want to become the Authority of Your Life
2. Preparing yourself to Study
3. How you choose to make decisions
4. How to program your Brain to Gain more Knowledge
5. How to find leaders to follow
6. How to use Social Media to increase your Authority
7. How to create your Book fast
8. How to promote your Book

These are simple step by step method that will help you increase your value in the marketplace.

Brand you the Authority and Leader and GET PAID FOR IT.