Boston Marathon Bombing and how Social Media Catches the criminals #watertown

Has social media gone wild?  You probably heard plenty of horror stories of how social media ruined people’s lives.  There is always a concern with Privacy these days.   But regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing #watertown #bostonbombing have it done some justice?

Here is the GOOD, the BAD, and The UGLY of what happened so far


There is cameras looking at you everywhere.  Then those images are passed around like gangbusters.

thanks to PC Ma
Pictures from PCMAG

 The FBI asked for the public help and Social Media virtually enlisted thousands of volunteers to scan hundreds of images.




Also there is all sides of the fence can chime in as well.  Conspiracy theorist bloggers had their own opinions as well.




Then someone of course got Falsely accused

17 year old gets falsely accused in boston marathon bombing #watertown


Then because of Social Media we can get Real Time updates on Blogs and Twitter #watertown

As of right now I understand the police killed one of the suspects and the other brother is on the run.  Apparently they were young teenagers who just moved from Chechnya.   Hopefully the investigators will find out the whole story as to who what or why.

Thoughts and prayers to all the victims.




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