Complacency Kills

complacency kills

I feel into a trap in life.  Many of you probably understand what I am going through.  I realized that I was not progressing and started getting way to comfortable.  Because of me staying complacent my world started falling apart.

For example, my house is getting old.  My garage door has been broken for 5 months but I have not been able to break from my complacent life to get around to fixing it.  I just got use to the fact of parking in the drive thru.  In fact, I only think about getting it fixed when it rains.  My house needs a new paint job.  I want to get it painted and got several quotes but it was going to cost several thousands of dollars.  It’s not like I can’t afford it, but I set in mind that I didn’t want to bear that expense.   That is just outside of my house, inside of my house needs fixing as well.

But I started getting way to comfortable living like this.

I am always behind on my projects and work.  I gotten way to comfortable and complacent with the fact this became normal for me.  Back in the day, I would bust my ass and getting everything done quickly so I can be free to do whatever at the end of the day.  Nowadays, I am lacking focus and my brain wonders from different task to task and I allow way to many distractions to take over my work.  Then next thing you know it, it’s past 5pm and busting my ass to finish up on the work and hope to be done by 7pm.

But I started getting way to comfortable living like this.

My personal relationship with my family has not been the best.   I am suppose to be the head of the household and lead my family. Everyday my relationship should be stronger and stronger.  Unfortunately, I became complacent and way too comfortable of living this lackluster life.  The lack of keeping my house in check and always staying behind in work has cause problems in my relationships.  These problems has caused a rift in my relationships.  You see I stayed way to comfortable in allowing my life to become complacent.

But I started getting way to comfortable living like this.

It’s this complacent cycle of life that is ruining my life.  That is why I say Complacency Kills.




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