Hey Actors You need to Be on Twitter

It is absolutely no secret that Twitter is where it’s at. The Entertainment media has spent billions if not Trillions on advertising to twitter. This is because it is a PROVEN Marketing strategy that works very well.

Entertainment Media Loves it because it provides INSTANT Engagement. That is why they use #HASHTAGS on the TV so you can interact instantly with the audience. This provides them the necessary data to continue with the conversation

Here is more reasons why..

• Twitter is massive with over 500 million monthly active users
• Twitter gets over 2 Billion visitors per month
• 20% of Twitter users live in the United States
• 80% of these 500 million monthly active users use a MOBILE APP
• Twitter is available in over 20 different languages

This Fortune Blog Post about Twitter even takes a deep dive as to how effective Twitter is for media.

Who are the Twitter users
The Profile of Twitter Users

As you can see it’s quite obvious that majority Twitter users are using their cell phones, own cable Television and actively post tweets about their favorite show


Having a cell phone makes it so much convenient to look up information.  When media ads the #HASHTAG the users are much more compelled to quickly do a search and see what the conversations is all about.


The marriage of both online and offline television is quite evident from this graphic.  Super Bowl already sells commercials for over millions of dollars per showing. Now they can start monetizing both the online marketplace by just putting up a #HASHTAG

This is why I am saying that it is very important for Actors to understand what they are up against.  Twitter is very important to the entertainment media outlets. Thus the reason why they want to hire Actors that are active on Twitter.

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