How Hollywood Movies are Made

Hollywood is only about ONE thing and that is MAKING MONEY!

Point blank period!  It’s all about the profit.

Movie budgets have Skyrocket!

The problem with many aspiring actors is that there point of view is the finished product.  Which is the movie you see on DVD, theaters, or online.

But do you realize that it took years to make and employed thousands of people?

You can figure that once a movie is “GREENLIGHT”  it will go into pre-production for about 5 months.

This is when they will start planning the schedule, creating budgets, hiring cast and crews.Every movie will need a

  • Movie Studio – The Investor
  • Executive Producer – The Boss of the cast/crew
  • Film Director – In charge of the filming
  • Casting Director – Finds talent that Director/Producers will approve
  • Crew of Camerman, Grips, Electricians, Lighting, Sound, Production Assistants, Makeup Artists, Set Designers,  Food services, Drivers, Costume dressers, and many many more
  • Finally obviously, the Actors!

The top movie executives need to find a well known bankable actor that has a huge following to lead the movie.  Then they will find some lessor known actors for the supporting roles.  These are usually assigned by the Producers and Directors.  This is why you see the SAME actors from the Producers and Directors.  Because they have history of working together.

The rest of the cast is the responsibility of the Casting Directors to find.

This is where 99% of you aspiring actor come from.  Most of you will have to work with Casting Directors.  Many CD’s will not work with Talent directly, because well most of you do not understand the movie making process.  That is why they want to deal with the professionals. Which in this case will be the Talent Agents.

Well lucky you  that you found Team TWOOL9.   In the next few days, I’m going to show you how to flip the script!  I’m going to show you exactly how you can start developing the relationships with CD’s, Producers, and Directors.  You know the ones that want hire you directly for their projects.

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