How to Have a Success Online Marketing Campaign

The internet can make or break your business literally overnight. Therefore many local businesses need to ensure they have an effective local internet advertising campaign. For example, all it takes is one savvy internet user to post a complaint online about a bad encounter with the local dry cleaner. Next thing you know it goes viral and the dry cleaning complaint made it to the national evening news. How many times you hear this same story. Take note on these internet advertising tips to ensure your business is position to squash these rumors.

First tip is to ensure you have a website up. This is critical to have a domain name. Search engines now are posting local business listings they pull from telephone yellow pages. Some of the search engines allow users to post comments and reviews about your business also. This can be a good thing or bad thing. Off course it is all defendant upon your situation. Without a domain name you are put in a difficult situation because you are not able to control your local internet advertising. You can update your website quickly and to provide any other updates when the situation arises.

Second tip is to actually submit your local business information in your local online community. I personally live in a large metropolitan city and have several online outlets to promote my local business. Check your local chamber of commerce to see if there is a way to promote your business online. The chamber of commerce has a plethora of information to help your business to be successful in the internet. Find out if there is a small city newspaper that has an online website. Typically these advertising costs are very low.

Third tip is to submit your local business information to large internet directories. Two of the largest internet directory sites are and Visit these two sites and find the appropriate local category. Ensure you double check the category to make sure it is very much appropriate for your business. Follow the instructions and don’t overlook anything. Once you dot your eyes and crossed your tees, you should submit your company information. These two sites can bring in huge returns in your local internet advertising campaign.

Forth tip is to submit your business information to referral websites like and These two sites can bring you target traffic also. But a fair warning is that the application process is very intense. These two website want to ensure your business is very qualified to take care of their customers. They have their own reputation to uphold. Any business that is submitted is not guaranteed to be listed. All submission is fully vetted to ensure information is accurate.

These four tips can help your local internet advertising campaign be very successful. This way if you have one negative comment, you can easily respond with the many different positive comments with your company. Times are changing and the old business model needs to be updated with the new WEB 2.0 Business model. Do not underestimate the importance of having an internet presence for your local business.

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