Is your Baby Cute for Modeling and Acting?

I get asked this a lot.

Do you think my baby is cute enough to model?

Just how do you suppose to answer this question?  Who calls a baby ugly?  It’s just not something normal people will say.  But there are some key things you need to consider if you really want to get your new born baby into modeling or even actin

  1.  Baby roles are very Limited

Do not expect to get tons of work.  In fact you be lucky to see 5 casting notices for a child a year.  Hollywood has very strict rules regarding baby actors.  Mainly it’s the amount of time they are allowed to be on set filming.  This is typically max 4 hours.  That is why many productions prefer to use twins.  That way they can switch them out after they complete their alotted time.  Obviously, since your baby can’t talk yet, their will be no lines and typically are cast from the Extras Casting Company.

There are scenes that require babies, and the worse thing they can do is use a fake doll. You don’t want to be like the latest Clint Eastwood Movie Sniper.


Same with Baby Modeling, roles are slim to none.  Talent agents usually do not sign babies because the lack of work.. So it’s the parents job to play the role of agent.

2.  Is your Baby needy clingy fussy?

Yea this is kind of really important.  In fact this will skill set will trump whatever looks the director is trying to achieve.   Imagine your child sitting by themselves.  Have 20 or more people on set starring at them with bright lights and huge cameras.  Lot of noise and craziness happening all around.

Will your child be good and sit still?   Does your baby cry when a stranger picks them up?  One of things production will do is play hot potato with your child.  They do this to see if your baby will start crying.

You have to be very honest with yourself.  Not every baby can do this. In fact it can be very stressful for both the parents and the child.  It could almost be torture depending on the conditions.  Imagine baby Judith on the Walking Dead.  She had to be outside in the Georgia Heat for several hours.

Baby Judith of the Walking Dead

. If your comfortable and still want to pursue it then I suggest checking out my product “The truth about child modeling and acting“.  I explain step by step on where to find casting calls and how to submit them to casting directors.






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