Last Will and Testament via Google




Ever wondered what happens to your emails if God forbid something bad happens to you such as death?  Assuming you never give your password away. Chances are you could have your passwords saved on your computer with your computer browsers.  Unfortunately anything can happen such as your computer could of burned down in a fire.

You have to admit even though you might be gone all your data files will still be available.  There is so much info your google account can hold.  You have pictures, documents, videos, and many other things are stored.  Your children or other family members might be interest in getting access to those.

Well thanks too google who basically thinks of everything, they have an opportunity for you to create a digital last will.

You can set it up so that if your account has been inactive for like a month or two, it will automatically provide access to the “next of Kin” you had setup with.  or You can tell Google to just delete everything, this is for those that a few skeletons in the closet and don’t want to hurt anyone.



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