Top 5 ways in Making your Twitter Experience more Effective

twitter experienceI know for a fact that many people of twitter are turned off or just get totally confused on how it works. The timeline can be a total mess. It’s hard to catch up with whats going on because of the speed. Just following way too many people.

I am going to share with you my Twitter Strategy to make your twitter experience more effective.  Now I have noticed that over 99% of users just don’t do it right. To many people use it as a one way conversation by just posting single tweets with links or quotes.  here is what i do.


1. The timeline can be overwhelming.

You need to segment the followers from the fakers to the real ones.  You do this by creating Lists.

For example here is one of mine of major tech news

This way i can take time to review the tweets and clean up the clutter

2. Retweet, Fave, and Reply.

You should always do this.  This will confirm that you are a real user and not some BOT.  You know most of twitter accounts are FAKE.  The key is to be interactive because that is what social media is about.

3. Post quality content on Peak hours.

There is a time of day that will get the most responses from your tweets. I know it’s difficult to tweet on certain hours. There is a great tool called  it will load up your tweets on que and post them on the best time of day.

4. Hastags.

Very important that use hashtags to keep your topics relavant. Many people search hashtags.  Try not to use more than 3 and keep it on the same subject

5. Show Gratitude.

Thank all your Followers that gave you a mention often. People want to know that their message is being heard.  Show some gratitude


Follow these simple tips and your on the way to having a much better Twitter Experience in the future.

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