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Mass Money Makers is a affiliate marketing course by Alen and Matt which covers everything you need to build your million dollar affiliate marketing business. Matt Bacak is a well known internet marketer that has created several multi-million dollar companies. His specialty is free traffic and email marketing not to say that he is not competent in other internet marketing areas. I was fortunate to meet him and participated in one of his live events here in Atlanta. So I honestly assure you he is in fact the real thing.

When you have been doing this internet marketing business for some time. Or maybe even just simply beginning, you recognize when an incredible product is about to hit the marketplace. These guys are famous within the web marketing arena and they’re consultants and mentors to many other guru marketers. Now they have teamed as a lot as created a product on the best ways to drive huge amounts of traffic to your website.

I just went thru his entire new clickbank course and they have truly over delivered this time.

As we all know, traffic is undeniable important and is playing a vital role in generating money. Mass Money Makers is course about how to set up an online business using affiliate marketing, email marketing and outsourcing.

It’s very similar to all the basic steps to internet marketing. You will learn on how to capture leads or email subscribers and turn those leads into buyers. You will learn how to drive free traffic by ranking your website high in the search engines. Once you understand the fundamentals of this process you will learn how to scale it up for maximum profits. If you work the program and follow the steps laid out for you there’s no reason why you can’t make a full time income online.

The mass money makers course is design for beginner to advance internet marketers. The course is divided into 3 phases.

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Screen shot of mass money makers product members area

These module title and descriptions are from the actual members area. Mass Money Makers members area is laid very well. Review the main menu inside the website and it  subdivides several information in them. This makes it possible for you to scan through information more efficiently.  Because many users usually are oftentimes not really interested on the content in its entirety within a page, but a particular component to it.

Module 1: Mass Money Preparation
Welcome to the first phase of mass money method. Here we’ll take you into a world very few will ever know exists.

Module 2: Mass Money Inception
Before we proceed anywhere, it is important to make sure you have all the necessary tools for This short, brief video will cover some of the materials you will need to succeed with this program.

Module 3 – Mass Money Ignition Part 1
In this phase is where we’ll get you started with the mass money method and it’s also the phase where you’ll build your mass money site’s.

Bonus Phase – Mass Money Automation

Here is an unadvertised bonus phase where we’ll show you how to
fully automate the entire mass money maker process through what’s
known as geographic arbitrage.

The basis of the course if affiliate marketing. It teaches you how to make money online by promoting products and offers that are owned by others to receive a commission of the profits.

Affiliate Marketing is a simple concept that works. This concept is what allows me to rank on 1st page of Google within one to three weeks with just about any keyword out there. Then I take those same rankings and get them to build massive email lists which in turn are piped through “mass money making funnels” and the end result is money.

So do you think this new product launch is worth it? It’s really good if your are brand new to the business and ready to get a blue print to start your internet marketing business.  Also there is something good for the advanced marketers as well.
The software inside works very well and thus makes it worth it for the advanced or the well seasoned marketer.  The software is very similar to Market Sumari or Micro Niche Finder. It just finds those low hanging fruits keywords.  Also ensures you are picking “BUYING KEYWORDS” and not just people looking for free information

Mass Money Makers program provides you with an SEO matrix . It will show you how much time a keyword will take to rank your site on first page of google, so elimination of all the guess work.

Also consider that Mass Money Makers is more than driving targeted traffic to your websites, it helps building email list too. Methods introduced are effective and helpful as apparently, Matt and Alen have filtered their experiences in gaining targeted traffic and summarized to a course, Mass Money Makers .

The bottom line is you need course if you are serious about building an online empire for you. This is the first time I am going to recommend any system with full confidence. You have nothing to lose because this comes with 60 days money back guarantee. Be sure to purchase considering the need and the budget. Once you do that, a list of site will come up offering an affiliate program where you can join for free. Now that you find a product to promote, you need to set up what is called a presell or landing page.

Now let me give you my bonus if you purchase the product thru me. The honest truth is, when it comes to offering bonuses, a lot of other guru’s are going to have some rehash plr products trying to bribe you to buy through their link. If you purchase this thru me I will provide you with lifetime free coaching via Email, Telephone, or Skype.  This alone is worth well over $3000.

I hope I have shed some light on the course so that you can determine whether or not it is for you and if it will indeed help you in your online business.   If you ready go ahead and Buy Mass Money Makers and then email me your receipt to get your free bonus.

(More Screen Shots and videos of me actually using the software will be uploaded soon.  Be sure to bookmark or add to the mailing list when i update)

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