Net Etiquette – Are you minding your manners?

net etiquette
Are you minding your manners?

What is net etiquette? Why is it important for me?

Please think about this when your working on your social media networks. How many of you went to a Networking Meeting or a Party of group of people. All of a sudden you just yelled out who you are and what your selling.

Or have you ever met someone and the first thing they talk about themselves and their business?   It’s a bit rude right?

Well it’s no different just because your behind a keyboard. This is also the same for all Social Media networks you might be a part of.

Get to know others and share your insights.. Mix and Mingle.  No one likes a rude obnoxious shameless, selfish talker.

Keep in mind that Social networking is a two way street.  It doesn’t matter if your on Twitter, Facebook, or any other platforms. The key is to interact and share.  Engage as much as possible.  You don’t have to have all the answers.

Post your question and see your responses.  Be grateful to others that are willing to take time and respond to you.

Keeping this in mind will make you a memorable person on your social networking circuit.

Now mind your Net Etiquette and take action

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