New Years Resolutions for 2011

Well it looks like I will be forced to work this year because I did not get the winning mega million lottery numbers.

Oh well, I guess it wasn’t ment for me to win.. LOL

But on a serious not if you are also when of the non winners, then it’s time for you start back on the grind.  Many of you just started going back to work or school this week following a wonderful Holiday vacation.  My christmas was wonderful and hope yours was well also.

Like many I to have have some new years resolution to work on.  You might have even got a snippet of it via my 90 day challenge. So it’s all the basic and I’m sure many of you have similar goals.

  • Loose Weight and get Healthy
  • Spend More time with Family
  • Go to Church
  • Make More Money

I bet that sums up about 99% of you all out there.  Do you know the most of the people actually never live up to the news years resolution!

I know I can personally tell by the sudden surge of new members in the Gym for like the first 15 days of the year.  It’ll take forever to get at that tread mill.  You know why it’s busy? Well you guessed it, it’s because they created New Years resolution to get back exercising.

One time I spoke to the manager and they said they always over sell their memberships to at least 500% of the capacity.  I was shoked to hear such a high number.  I mean if you can only hold 100 people in the building than how can you sell a gym membership to 500 people.  Basically when it all boils down to is that the chances of all 500 people showing up that day would be zero to none.  Granted you might see a surge in the beginning of the year but it will gradually taper off to the normal daily users. Usually only lasts a couple of weeks!

So why do these people quit so easily?  If your resolution was to loose weight than why quit so early?

The answer is quite simply, that the goals your looking for are not easily attainable.  So you get frustrated and just quit before you start seeing any improvements.

Unrealistic goals will be like loose 30 pounds in a week.  Make $1000 a week if you haven’t even made 10 cents a week.

The best thing is to make achievable goals.  It’s best to create many mini goals.  You be better off having 10 small goals rather than 1 huge goal.

Another key thing you remember is that you have to acknowledge your goals to yourself and also more importantly is to reward yourself as well.   This will help motivate you and document your successes.  See this will create a more positive revelations inside of your mind.

Sure make your resolutions for the year.  Just don’t make them so big!

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