Latest Google Penguin Update can be the Death of Traditional SEO

Matt Cutts

For all you follow SEO, you properly aware that Google is doing some massive changes. The previous Panda and Penguin updates has nearly killed lot’s of online businesses. Matt Cutts the Head of Anti-Spam of Google is leaking that the new Penguin update will be even more strict.

Below is results of some of my research into the latest Penguin Update.

1. From what i’ve been reading it appears that Google will penalize any site that is more commericalized. I believe they are wanting to push these companies’ to use “ADWORDS” more. It makes since because many SEO and Internet Marketers are totally taking advantage of the google search engine results. There is some serious bank link manipulation happening and it’s impacting the customer’s satisfaction with the SERPS.

2. Google is putting more emphasis on Social Media. There seems to be a direct correlation to relevancy when their is plenty of people talking about a particular site. It appears they figured how to determine which sites are the niche authority.  Of course their latest Product Google+ will be leveraged more. So it’s critical that you create a “Google+” profile and start using it. for example google my name “Thomas Wooldridge” and you will see my profile picture and all my social media links on the first page.

3.Google is also planning to insert GMAIL results right into the Search engine results. What I have seen is that google will look at your Gmail inbox to see if you have that Keyword in the email subject. So now you have to do EMAIL SEO. This something very new. I suggest making your Subject titles keyword focus, rather than Blind subjects like “Read This” “Hello” “RE: You gotta see this” etc. etc.

Clearly Google is trying to integrate more of their products into the Search engine results page. I guess they realized that some of the products just was not successful because a lack of integration.

I can not stress how important this is for your business.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



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