Proper Website Format Structure

In this training I’m going to explain to you how to have a proper website format.

The key for niche marketing is to ensure that your website does not look to commercialized.  Do not be so pushy and attempt to make a sale all the time. Visitors can spot a fake looking site right away.  Therefore you need to be more trustworthy by showing that this is a legitimate site that brings value.

Always keep yourself in the perspective of the visitor. As I stated in my article writing tips post. Do not sound like a pushy used car salesman.

Okay here is the proper structure for the Top Menu:

  • Home Page
  • About US  – This critical make sure you describe history as to what makes you the authority
  • Contact Me
  • Services
  • Blog
  • Social Media Icons – Create Fan Page, G Plus, and Twitter is a Must

Here is the proper structure to have on the Footer Page.

In the video will explain more in depth of how to tackle this task.


These are the plugins used on the video:

Plugin Links








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