The Best Advice I Got about How to be a Leader

I have learned so much about the topic of leadership. Many people will have their own theories. Obviously I have my own on what it takes to be a great leader

One of the biggest misconceptions to me is when people says that leaders are born for the role. “NATURAL BORN LEADER” I believe this notion is absolutely false. Sure a 4 year old my have the traits of becoming a leader but a “Great Leader?” is something that is learned as they grow.

The truth is that leaders are made. True leaders have learned many lessons from their past that has shaped them to be who they are today. All great leaders have great mentors.

Any boss or leader can tell you what to do and give orders. But a good leader is having a follower understanding that the leader is giving the best order and trusts him.

A good leader is also a good follower. We all have to answer to something.

Right After high school I joined the military. I quickly learned that I had some internal skill sets of what it takes to be a leader. It just wasn’t known until my leaders were able to explain and pull it out of me.  Soon enough I was getting rank very quickly.  I ended up get the rank of Sergent in only 2 short years.  One of the biggest credits to my rapid growth was my section sergent during my Primary Leadership Develop Course (PLDC).  This was the training required prior to getting promoted to the rank of Sergent.

Watch my entire video and listen to the best advice I ever received about what it takes to be a leader


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