The Reason Why Actors need to be Marketable

Hollywood is a marketing machine.  They know the exact formula on how to make money. Granted it’s not 100% guaranteed, because sometimes movies do FLOP for whatever reason.  But at the end of the day they know exactly what to expect.

They know what A-List actor to book, What script to use, the perfect director and producer to run the project.  It’s bankable and that is why they have such a huge profit margin from a $250 Million dollar movie budget.

The number 1 thing you as an actor need to find out how you are “MARKETABLE”. Being marketable means your popularity will be able to bring the fans in to buy movie tickets. One of the best ways to become Marketable is learn how to effectively use Social Media to your Advantage.  I just happen to create an awesome training video on Twitter for Actors.

Check out this video more info  “Rolling with TWOOL9”

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