Tips For the Offline Marketer

Most local businesses get back in the black during the fall season. The start of the fall is the beginning for many things that local businesses should target. The fall season is when school starts to open again. Then you have Black Friday and finally you have the Christmas season. This part of the year is the life and blood for the brick and mortar stores. To help you get back in the black, why don’t you shift some of your focus on internet local marketing. Many consumers are deal seekers looking to get the best price. Therefore these savvy buyers first start their research online. To take advantage of them, then you should take these simple three steps from me.

The first step is to start your internet local marketing campaign as early as possible. Many search engines like Google take time in indexing your website. Then getting good search engine rankings can also take a very long time. That is why it is crucial to start right away and focus on the correct keywords. For example, many internet marketers understand the seasonality of certain goods and services. Then they also know how long it takes to get a search engine ranking position. Do not be surprised if an internet marketing expert tells you he is building a Halloween Costumes mini-site as early as March. This also works well if you competing against a highly competitive niche. Google will give you good rankings and won’t sandbox you if you get the proper back links to your website slowly. Rapid and quick back links can raise a red flag to Google’s database.

The second step is to ensure your title in the meta tags are correctly worded. Many internet local marketing guru’s tend to neglect this simple step. A good way to advertise to your local market is to add the location directly into the title.

For example say: “Christmas trees for sale in Atlanta Georgia.

I know this is simplistic, but this just gives you a rough idea.

If you happy with what you currently have then just put “in Your City” at the end of the title.

The third step is to have a coupon with your local address on it. This is one of those sneaky tricks internet local marketing experts like to use. These coupons can also provide a relative good idea on how your internet marketing campaign is working. Additionally, make your coupon downloadable. I advise my clients to put the coupon on a PDF file. This way a visitor can download them and maybe even share them with their friends. Many times your visitor might be visiting your website from their office computers while at work. So they will download and print them in the office. If your coupon is good, then don’t be surprised if it gets passed along to their co-workers.

These three tips can ramp up your internet local marketing campaign. Position your local business to be easily reachable by your local target audience. Not only get the visitors but also convert them to be your customers.

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