Toastmasters’ International Speech #4 – How to Say It – Pregnancy test results from a male perspective

how to say no

This was my Forth Toastmaster Speech titled – Pregancy test results from a male perspective…….


Below is the Competent Communicators’s manual speech goals


4. How to Say It
Words are powerful. They convey your message and influence the audience and its perception of you. Word choice and arrangement need just as much attention as speech organization and purpose. Select clear, accurate, descriptive and short words that best communicate your ideas and arrange them effectively and correctly. Every word should add value, meaning, and punch to the speech.


  • Select the right words and sentence structure to communicate your ideas clearly, accurately and vividly.
  • Use rhetorical devices to enhance and emphasize ideas.
  • Eliminate jargon and unnecessary words. Use correct grammar.

Time: 5 – 7 minutes


Here is my speech raw and uncut.

4th speech topic
Title: Pregnancy test results from a male perspective…….

Intro: thomas will be sharing a story about his experience with a pregnancy test and why the manufacturers got the positive or negative results backwards.



It was may of 2006 and I was taking a college course at Georgia State University. I only had a few weeks left of school till graduation. I was getting prepared for finals and ready for the school year to be over with. I hated school, I’m soo easily distracted. I was actually admiring this one pregnant girl in my class.


She couldn’t be taller than 5 feet tall with a big round pregnant stomach. She was soo petite and always wore these high shoes. I asked her how did you do it. You got your hair right, your clothes is sharp, and where those high heel shoes. Most of these pregnant girls just wear sweatpants and tshirts with a hat on. She said she promised that she would never change even while pregnant. I told her that was a good attitude to live by and wished her luck.


I happened to answer a phone call from between class breaks from my wife. She sounded so happy and excited.


She said “I took a pregnancy test” I said really? ?


What was the results? She said it was positive. That’s when I got excited!


Wheew, That was a close one. Are you ok? Feeling Fine? I’m glad your positively not pregnant. Look I gotta get back to class I will call you back when the class is over. Click


So I sat down and got prepared for class. My classmate who was also a good friend at the time asked me what I was smiling about. I just spoke to my wife and took a pregnancy test. Oh yea what was the results? She is positively not pregnant. High fived each other. Crises avoided!


Now a female classmate who happened to over hear our conversation jumped. Just what exactly did your wife say again? She said she was positively not pregnant. So now the female classmate said started to explain to me that well actually “Positive” means you are pregnant.


I told her you crazy that’s not how it work.


Immediately , I started having this ickly feeling inside. I quickly ran into the bathroom and splashed water in my face. I got dizzy and nauseous. Could this girl be telling me the truth? Is this what morning sickness feels like?


Ok, Well I went ahead and called my wife and said, She was in fact pregnant, you big dummy..


I told her I was sorry and misunderstood what she said and was on my way home.
This is why I’m suggesting their should be a clear description on what is positive or negative.


Normally in medical terms being negative is actually a good thing.


For example, cancer, HIV, and even ghonera.. Being negative is a good thing!
So please ladies and gentlemen I would want everyone to agree with me that we must change the meaning of Positive and negative when it concerns pregnancy test!





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