Toastmasters Speech #3 – Get to the Point – Curious Life of the Intelligently Stupid


This was my third speech and it was quite entertaining.  I was pleased that I got a very good response to my third speech.  My goal was to entertain and ensure I get their attention the whole time.

The main purpose is to “Get to the Point” Like the guide said you want to make sure that your audience knows what or to do by the end of your speech.  toastmaster speech 3 get to the point

Here is the official summary from the Competent Communicator manual

3. Get to the Point
Every speech must have a general an a specific purpose. A general purpose is to inform, to persuade, to entertain, or to inspire. A specific purpose is what you want the audience to do after listening to your speech. Once you have established your general and specific purposes, you’ll find it easy to organize your speech. You’ll also have more confidence, which makes you more convincing, enthusiastic, and sincere. Of course, the better organized the speech is, the more likely it is to achieve your purpose.

  • Organize the speech in a manner that best achieves those purposes.

  • Ensure the beginning, body, and conclusion reinforce the purpose.

  • Project sincerity and conviction and control any nervousness you may feel.

  • Strive not to use notes.

Here is my speech in the raw.


title:  Curious Life of the Intelligently Stupid

General Purpose : To entertain and point out observations


Introduction: Oxymoron is a figure of speech where combine two contradictory words.  For example: Exact Estimate, Legally Drunk, and my favorite Butt Head.   Personally I think and observe things differently than other people. Life as a whole can be an oxymoron.  These crazy observations have resulted in many of my friends calling me in a loving way “stupid”.  Although i tend to disagree, because I feel these observations have proved to be intelligent.  Thus I believe the most accurate description of myself is that I am “intelligently stupid”


I use to live in the state of Kansas, and it is the coldest place I ever lived. You see in Kansas they don’t have mountains or trees.  Just gently rolling hills.  This is why tornadoes hit this state all the time . it is completely flat. Also the wind made it brutally cold as well.

Well one of my friends had purchased a brand new car. He was not from Kansas either and the cold weather was really kicking our behinds, so I had asked him does this car have one of those Seat warmers.  He said sure it does, here is the button “Rear Defroster”.

He’s stupid, I’m Intelligent.

Remember when you was Kid and did Sunday Car ride?  Back when gas was like 85 cents a gallon?  Growing up we had this big giant stationwagon.  Me and brother and sister use to ride in the rear and wave at the truck drivers through the window.  This was back in the day before we had car seats and air bags was our parents arm when we had to stop real hard!

Well I moved to this new city for the first time and decided to take a ride just to get know the area.  This was all before GPS or google maps. You had to literally drive around to get to know the area.

I just happen to get on this street “Electric Ave”.  All of sudden I had this flashback of listening to music video on MTV.  There was this big song in the 80’s called “Electric Ave” by a Jamican singer.  This song had this addictive hook. “We gonna rock down to electric avenue and we gonna take it higher” .  I was just rocking singing the only part of the song I remembered.  Just jamming with the radio turned off! How many of you all can relate to that.  Just had a party all by myself.

So I crossed an intersection just rocking the song.  Then all of a sudden sreeeeeechhhh I hit the breaks. Saw a sign said “No Outlet!”

You’d think they would have a better sign.  Anyone can guess a more appropriate sign?

They was stupid, I’m intelligent.

Back when I was in the Army, I spend 80% of my time in the Motorpool.  The motor pool is where all the vehicles was kept. IT was just a giant parking lot. The major problem go through a lot of hard driving so they require a lot of maintaince.

Do any of you know what a Duese and Half or a Five ton vehicle is?  It’s basically a very large vehicle and the wheels are tall as a grown person. Well this particular day I was helping a mechanic replace the brakes on the vehicle. While he was fixing the breaks some break fluid had accidently dripped into his coffee.   Well he said Dirt don’t hurt and god bless the germs and drank it anyways! Next morning the mechanic and I went back to finish up the brake job.  Before he left he was making his coffee and proceeded to put brake fluid in his coffee again!  I said hey man that stuff is totally dangerous.  So the mechanic said oh don’t worry. “I can stop anytime”

He was stupid and I’m intellegient

I always believe that animals are way more in tuned to God and the earth. I remember an amazing story during the big Tsunami in Thailand.  There was tourist riding elephants then all of a sudden the elephants were out of control and starting leaving the trainers and walking without any directions.  Come to find out they was actually trying to walk to high ground to prevent getting hit by the waters. Also earlier Scientist would use Catfish to help predict earthquakes.  Animals seem to be more in tuned

My friend has two very big dogs.  They both weigh well over 100 pounds each.   He complained that one of the dogs had this very bad habit of doing the #2 in the middle of the road.  He is so worried about getting hit by a car and stuff.  Well in my mind I said to myself “What a stupid dog”.  Just when I said I swear the dog turned around and gave me an evil eye.  I was taken back for a second because Have you thought you said something in your mind but actually said it out loud? Well needless to say I didn’t worry about it.

Later that evening I was driving to my parents house with my daughter.  I got out and popped the trunk and I smelled the most awefull smell!  I had actually ran over some crap on the road. It looked really fresh because it was smoking hot.  My daughter got and said ewe whats’ that smell,, I said never mind get back in the car.   I had to drive around the block to remove the stink off my tire.

Dog was intelligent, I was stupid.

So conclusion, There is absolutely nothing wrong being stupid. As matter fact I believe you should embrace your stupid side and acknowledge it.  Today I challenge you to out and observe some more intelligently stupid things.  You will be surprised how often you will notice this!




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