Top 5 reasons why you need to Claim Google Authorship to Sites you Contribute

Google Authorship is really hot right now.   If your a blogger or have any presence online than I urge you to start claiming your Google Authorship Profile.

I stated earlier in my training that Google Plus is Google’s very own social media platform.  They are trying to use the platform to create the social proof on giving your search engine rankings more credibility.

Here is the Top 5 reasons why you need to Claim Google Authorship.

Google Authorship Reason #1 Credibility

By adding your headshot on the SERPS you are giving yourself more credibility vs the faceless contributing authors.  Additionally, if you have high number of circles, it show’s viewers then number of people that follow.  This will create huge impact on your social proof.  In time, Google users will be more comfortable clicking on listings with Authorship, because it has been proven to give much better results.

google authorship


Google Authorship Reason #2 Higher CTR

It has been proven to give you a much higher CTR (click thru rate).  According to Catalyst Search Marketing

Rich Snippets structured markup code is a way to help publishers provide information about their websites to Google. While Google has admitted that Rich Snippets do not increase or have an effect on search engine rankings, the additional information provided by a Rich Snippet can be the difference between a user clicking to a site or passing it over (possibly for another listing that does provide Rich Snippets?).


Google Authorship Reason #3 Brand Name Recognition

It will improve your Brand Name.  Many social media marketers like myself want to brand our social media presence.   We use the same avatar in all our social media profiles.  The more you show your face the more recognizable you become.  It’s no secret how these folks landed in Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers.  They just kept on putting out high quality content and their followers will get “CUSTOM RESULTS”.    That’s right if you follow the Author in your circles than Google will query your circles to see if they wrote something that you are looking for.  They assume that you follow them because you like their content and a big fan.  Why not show you the custom results?


Google Authorship Reason #4 Prevents Plagiarizers and Article Jacking

Well everything isn’t 100% fool proof.  Content thieves are out there that scan the web to scrape the article.  They try to make changes by simply spinning the adjectives to make a little unique.  Duplicate content is just one of those big no no’s, but unfortunately it is very difficult to defeat.  Claiming Authorship will tell Google that you are in fact the original author and separate you from all the fakers.


Google Authorship Reason #5 Author Rank

Author Rank is not an official title the Google states.  We SEO marketers understand that Google does having ranking algorithms built in.  So we assume author rank is something similar to Page rank.    According to Search Engine Land Google has created a Patent.

Google returns results based upon content appearing upon individual pages, or at specific URLs. But that content could come from different authors, who have different levels of control over it. For example, a blog page may have posts written by more than one author, comments penned by others, and advertisements showing ads that even the owner of the site has no direct control over. A forum might have many different authors responding to an initial post, and may also display advertisements.

This tells you the key to getting higher Author Rank is to be engaging.  Post comments and allow comments on your site.  Participate in Google Communities.  You can learn more by joining the Google Authorship Community that is headed by the one and only AJ Kohn

So how do you get Started?

First thing you need to do is create your G+ Profile . Make sure you update your profile and fill in all the information.  Here is a link to my personal profile.  Make it memorable, catchy, and unique

Second thing you need to do is Claim your profile here.

Finally make sure your sites have google authorship plugin.  This will explain how to set it up on your site.

Spend about an hour to do this and Viola!  You are officially in the team of fellow Google Authors!



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