Top 5 Ways to become the Authority


Getting authority doesn’t always happen in an instant.  Sure sometimes a persons mere appearance will grant them authority.  For example Police, Politicians, and Celebs will typically getting instant authority depending on what they are asking for of course.

But how does a Regular person like yourself become the Authority of your particular niche??

Well here is the Top 5 Methods:

1. Study Study Study:  

One of the greatest gifts on earth is knowledge.  Being wise is the most important traits.  These things doesn’t magically happen.  You must embrace it.  You must drink it.  Eat It.  Get real nasty to it.  Gather all your study materials like books, magazines, web sites, etc etc.  Take notes and understand all their is to know about your subject

2. Follow The Leaders:

Every community of people will have a leader. The leader is the one who tells you what is right and why you should listen to him.  Follow him and see what makes him tick.

3. Engagement:

Participate in Forums, Blogs, and Social Media sites.  Use your same name and avatar.  You want to be recognizable.

4. Content Master:

Whats the point of having all that knowledge if you can share it?  Let people know what you think.

5. Write a Book:

Before the internet their was Books!  Get your face on a back cover will make you an instant expert on the topic you wrote about


These are my top 5 ways to become the authority.  Everyone has a voice and they deserve to be heard.

These are some of the steps that I talk about in my book AUTHORITY


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