Top 6 Core Principles to building your own business

Last saturday, my men’s group had their monthly breakfast meeting.  John Posey one of our great fearless leader taught us about these core principles.   Please be sure to take time reading these fundamentals to properly build your own business.


Building your own business is a difficult task if you don’t fundamentally ensure that these 6 core areas are taking care of.

1. Build Strong Relationships

This includes, god, wife, family, team, clients, and your network.  All of this is the foundation to establish your business.  Most importantly is that you need to ensure that you do not have any strife in your relationships.  I see it all the time and also suffer myself personally when I do not adequately create a good work life balance.  Make sure you spend time with your wife or significant other. Spend high quality time with your children.  These people are your backbone and will always be there for you even when your broke!


2. Build a Network

Thank goodness for the internet and software.  There is so many tools you can use to fully automate and manage your network.   You should use things like social media and email contact management software.  Always ask for referrals when your speaking to people. A simple “Do you know anyone else that will find value in my product/service”.   Also you should always be “Walking and Talking” You never know who you might bump into.


3. Personal Growth and Leadership Development

You need to invest on yourself.   We all need food and water to live, but you also need to feed your brain with knowledge.  Do not think you always know everything.  Keep an open mind. You should constantly read books such as John Maxwell’s 21 Laws of leadership.


4. Core Gift Development

Basically, each and everyone of us has a unique gift.  Maybe your skilled at conflict resolution.  Maybe you have skills to fix televisions and other electronics.  Some of you might be really good drivers.  You need to really take inventory on your talent and figure out how to improve on them.


5. Administration & Technology

The world is moving faster than ever and I know it’s really tough to keep up.  But I challenge you to slowly get your hands on the latest technology.  For example, I know many people became highly productive after purchasing their IPAD.  It was like a whole new world open to them and allowed them to be more productive.


6. Accountability 

This is a very important principle also.  You should really surround yourself with positive people that will either share or enhance your value.   Everyone needs an accountabilty partner.  Someone who says that you are WRONG!…  You don’t need to be around YES MEN.  Think about it,, even the President has many advisors,  Fortune 500 CEO’s will have the board of directors.  All these people are their to ensure the person is on the right track.  Find out who within your inner circle can help be accountable.


So these are the 6 core principles to building your own business.  These principles will work both on the online and offline world.  Just make sure you do not loose track and continue on pushing for success




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