Unlocking the Secrets to IMDB StarMeter

logo-IMDBMany actors are totally obsessed with IMDB starmeter rankings. It’s totally understandable because IMDB gives you the impression that Casting Directors are looking at the rankings to cast or to scout for people.

After two years of research I can confirm that i cracked the IMDB ranking code. Basically I just reversed engineered the whole process. My SEO and marketing knowledge really helped me figure this out.

The goal is try to keep in natural and get in the NEWS.  Goto the IMDB NEWSDESK partners.  Grab your target list and pitch to the bloggers/editors so they can quote you in the media.  Pitch your press kit and get them to feature you.  Chances are you will get some bites.

I know that this may sound like it’s just too much information to deal with.  This can be quite overwhelming to the average person. But you have to realize that getting booked is hard work.  The days of having your agent do all the grunt work you are over.  The agent only gets 10% of your earnings so you need to put in the 90% of the effort.

Take the time and learn how to market yourself effectively.  Understand the basic principles of Branding.  Teach yourself little about SEO , Search engine optimization and Social Media.  Especially learn how to work Twitter for Actors.

Check out the entire video

Contact me if you have any questions.  Below is the transcripts if you need to see what I said



0:00 hey what’s going on everybody my name is Thomas Wooldridge region I decided to put
0:04this video together to discuss about the IMDb star meter now the IMDb star meter
0:10is something that actors and actresses goalie obsess about to improve on their
0:16ranking because they feel the death gage or they feel as though that there is a
0:21way for producers are casting directors to my coming happened to look at their
0:28profile because of their star me to rate I so I’m doing I’m gonna break now what
0:32makes the star meter ranking and how IMDB it just for it now one of the
0:38things they do keep her very proprietary and they don’t let other people can
0:43understand but when I did it I utilize some of my SEO knowledge he and my
0:48little background it here in our marketing to come to the conclusion of
0:52what works and what doesn’t work so what I’m going to explain to use look certain
0:59IMDbPro to fully understand how some of the rankings are judge ok so what we
1:06gonna do is look at the number one actress this lady right here
1:12marina now one thing you can gauge get an idea why she’s really number one is
1:18profile and you look you will notice that her film Deadpool is it because
1:30he’s one of the lead characters are Deadpool and you’re going to see a lot
1:33of trailers and a lot of reviews happening regarding Deadpool due to its
1:38opening weekend they got a lot of rave reviews and because of that there’s
1:44going to be a lot of articles being rich and when you come down here scroll down
1:48you can see the news as you can see there’s a lot of our laws being rich
1:53Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool in each of these articles list her name and
2:01IMDB done every time there’s a theater actress named in their IMDb database
2:08show you what they do is only an ominous crow
2:16there’s not that many pop ups and here you gonna see her name somewhere in here
2:22for her name red hair
2:34marina ok now what I am TV does they found a name in this website movie where
2:44they added it to her new section and as we go further I’m going to talk about
2:52this is why she’s ranked number one because she’s in the movie Deadpool lot
2:58of marketing being done by Ryan Reynolds who’s actually the lead he’s trying he’s
3:03right number number three cases up from 26 right now number two is Tom party is
3:11because right now it’s Oscar buzz and he’s getting a lot of buzz around him
3:16regarding Oscar so again lots of things being written about him
3:21ok so now let’s go look at Chloe number five you look at her I see why she’s
3:29right time does she have a new movie coming up I don’t think she has animals
3:34she does had stripped wavered I was that came out about a month ago I believe KY
3:40Sheena news she will issue in the news for somethin I scroll down a kissy ok
3:46she has 8800 mentions in the news can when you look you can see a campaigner
3:54for hillary Clinton a campaigner for hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton is in
3:59the news a lot of that stuff is popular so nice why her rankings are high
4:03because of the lot of mentions of her name as well
4:08ok though how do you get your named mentioned ok well when you look at the
4:17news what are you going to hear in the news desk partner list see imdb.com /
4:22News this partner list you just want to bookmark this URL all these all these
4:30websites are connected to IMDb’s RSS feeds so what they do is any crime dad
4:36they write an article and they listen hackers name show you what happens ok so
4:44these are all the new didn’t use desk as you can see top news for today
4:50variety film used s partner and what they do is they read the computer reads
4:55this article they leaked all the name death in the database lick it lick it
5:02lick it see all these links names names names all day gets licked that’s how you
5:09get into the news to do section many many many you guys kind of focus on
5:16trying to get other people to like your page or you know like me like I like you
5:24back type of thing or use a program like caramel assateague that all that is fine
5:29and dandy but keep in mind that that is just a small part of the analytics to do
5:35your rank most importantly is your news I’m not letting you need to look for is
5:41when you look at people also viewed dad is another metro-dade IND GB use ok I’ve
5:50studied this from about over a year and a half
5:54rankings in the conclusion I came also focus on this ok so let’s think about
6:00marina isn’t dead pool right
6:04so the assumption is people are looking up Deadpool go to the movies like the
6:11movie profile on IMDB
6:13click on all the actors so when I click on see all I’m pretty sure that some of
6:20these other hackers tough top actors are also so when I highlight it
6:27Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool IMDB is calculating that other people are
6:42clicking on your link depending on the projects that you’re looking at so if
6:47you do on this like me like yours
6:50type of scenario and these people are really affiliated orgy it actually has a
6:54negative ranking in New ok so ideally the best way to do it is your projects
7:03that you do and then turned a can increase your star rankings especially
7:09if it’s a no independent small-budget with no its not come from a big movie
7:15studio type of deal where other people are marketing so is very beneficial for
7:21you to promote the project so well because that would improve on your
7:25rankings ok when you in your IMDbPro looking at people also viewed and see
7:32how many matches of you and other people and projects that you work with are are
7:38put together if you don’t have any is gonna have a negative effect on your
7:43star ranking and that what causes some people to go from you know fifty
7:47thousand today and next week 250,000 ok because you do need like like me I like
7:56type of scenario talk about is remember how they parts your name from the IMDb
8:05news death that’s why it’s a very important that you have a unique name
8:09not your name if you look up your name
8:12and your names are so you know you have like one or two or even you know some of
8:18me had 10 duplicate names that cause I will cause a problem if you’re in IMDB
8:23new seat because gonna get very confused is not going to leave the correct one
8:28ok next thing here we want to have various different traffic come from
8:33different places so if they noticed that multiple emails a couple multiple
8:38linkages just come up for Facebook or any other city is going to have a
8:44negative impact but if you use like put it in your email signature file which
8:48many people I don’t understand why they don’t do that is a good signature file
8:52wish her acting website acting details on it ok once again promote your
8:59projects not only just promote yourself become a promoter projects because yeah
9:04you might indirectly help other people other actors in there but if you’re
9:10going to be mutually beneficial especially if you’re ranked number one
9:15in the lead
9:17hey remember getting dimensions I thought she’d do is if you’re even if
9:23you’re an independent movie some of those our newsdesk partners then they’re
9:29not all big like deadline for idea and so many of them are small small
9:36operation ok maybe you have some insight to share pinch yourself to the editorial
9:42team next one is leaking all your blinker IMDB to all your social media
9:48profiles so hopefully that helps I got many many more you got any questions
9:53feel free to email me Thomas at relamark .com follow me on Twitter had tea 19
10:00and has any questions

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