What if you had to Start All Over? Building an Online Business from Scratch

Had lot of life changes and put my online business on hold for the last year or so.   What I had to do is basically rebuild everything from the ground up.  Well technically not everything because I already have several working websites and a web design/marketing business.  I just needed to freshen them up and get ready to start building more websites.

So my plan is

1. Rebuild my web design and marketing site Relamark.com
. Updated my daughter’s Acting and Modeling website AjaWooldridge.com
3. Added blog posts to ATLreport.com
. Finish up on my Twitter course on Udemy
5. Work on Twool9 Blog

I have all the basics down.  Pretty much 1 and 2 is completed.  Still need to figure out how to add more content for ATLreport.  I will probably seek out some more contributors to help get more content.

For all intensive purposes I will report my Income as 0.  It will be my baseline starting today June 27, 2015.

I really do not have that much time since I do have a day job as a Project Manager.  But I do not many of you have very similar situations.  My online business will be part time.  I will have to accept the fact that I can not spend too much time on it since their is only so many hours in a day.

Next few days I will start on this Blog in itself.  Many of the content is very old but still can relevant.  The original database and domain was hosted on domain ThomasWooldridge.com.  But due to mismanagment i ended up loosing the domain name.. So all the content is transferred to TWOOL9.com.  It isn’t pretty and needs lots of clean up.

Right now it’s all barebones even this blog.  I will start reporting all my progress soon.

Have a great day

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