Your Life is Drifting

Boat in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

We all just let ourselves go sometimes.  So many of us live our lives’ on autopilot.  It’s like we all wear blinders and just look straight in front of us, while everything on our sides start tearing apart.

Your life drifting is very subtle.  I read a story about a guy on a boat that was in the middle of a very large lake.  The water was so calm and quiet that he decided to take a nap.  Few moments later, he started hearing voices so he woke up immediately.  Come to find out he drifted on land while he was sleeping.

You see that is how most of us live our lives.  We become complacent and let our lives drift away from relationships, with God, and many other things.  Like I said Complacency Kills.  We all need to start making some serious changes.

Always remember that the enemy is to steal, kill, and destroy your life.  They don’t blatantly tell you things.  It’s all subtle and unnoticeable.  But you need to be vigilant and understand the lie’s of the enemy.

This is how the enemy spins the lies.  Read these bullet points from Get More Strength Article

  • Lie #1: God is to blame for the evil that Satan has inflicted on our lives.

  • Lie #2: God has not rewarded me for being good. I’ve been used, not blessed!

  • Lie #3: God’s rules are restrictive and oppressive. He just wants to take the fun out of my life.

  • Lie #4: God is good to others but not to me. He must not love me!

Identify it, Acknowledge it, Ask for Forgiveness, and then Crush it.

Start putting your life back on course and don’t allow yourself to DRIFT AWAY




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